2018 Outdoor Tryout Schedule


All demonstrations and tryouts will be held at our home indoor training facility, the Turf Training Center (5820 - 59th Ave) or the Central Lions Recreation Club (11113 113 St NW). Demonstrations of our grassroots program will be run by our Technical Director, Brad Kelly with assistance from our internal technical team. Players are asked to wear shin pads and bring a water bottle.

Tryouts are also run by our Technical group. Coaches observe the tryouts.

When attending a tryout please be prepared to finalize a roster spot after tryouts are completed. To do this please bring one cheque to pay for the registration fee applicable to the age group your child has been selected for.

Program Demos

U5 to U7 (Co-Ed)

March 21st – 6 to 7 pm (TTC)

U8 (Co-Ed)

March 31 - 5 pm (TTC)

U9 Boys

March 24 - 4 pm (TTC)

U9/U10 Girls

March 31 - 6 pm (TTC)

U10/U11 Boys

March 21 - 7 pm (TTC)

U11 Girls

March 24 - 3 pm (TTC)

March 31 - 7pm (TTC)

Tryouts (U12 to U17)

U12/U13 Boys

March 21 - 5:30 (Central Lions Club)

March 24 - 5 pm (TTC)

U12/U13 Girls

No teams for 2018 Outdoor Season

U15/U17 Boys

March 21 - 6:30 pm (Central Lions Club)

March 24 - 6 pm (TTC)

U15/U17 Girls

March 21 - 7:30 pm (Central Lions Club)

March 24 - 2 pm (TTC)