Outdoor CLUB SOCCER FEES 2021:

U5 to U8: $325

U9: $525

U11: $625

U13 to U19: $700

******Due to current restrictions we will not have a mandatory fundraiser for the 2021 outdoor season******

NEW THIS SEASON: We have partnered with Inaria to provide player kits for this upcoming season. These kits will be used for both Outdoor and Indoor. These Mandatory Player Kits can be purchased directly from Inaria.

Club costs covered by the Club Fees include Indoor/Outdoor facilities, Referees, league fees, administratio costs, web management, insurance, coach honorariums, equipment, hardship and marketing..

We also offer a 50% off the third registration completed for players who reside in the same household. Contact our registrar for more information on how to process this for payment (kctrojanssoccerregistrar@gmail.com).

9Refund Policy:

U5 to U8 registration fees are non-refundable once the first scheduled session has been completed.

U9 to U19 registration fees are non-refundable once the first scheduled game has been played. 

If a player is injured a prorated refund may be issued once the season has ended and a doctors note has been received.


Technical Sessions:

Six sessions with International Soccer Academy Canada (U9 to U17)

All sessions led by International Soccer Academy Canada (U5 to U8). Sessions will be up to 30 sessions per season.

Internal Club technical provided to all groups when needed.



All U9 to U19 will be allocated $600 for tournament costs.



All teams get required equipment to run practices. Other equipment is assessed on a needs basis.



U5 to U8 receive a full kit (jersey, shorts and socks) to keep.

U9 to U19 will be required to purchase their Player Kits from Inaria. The players will keep their jerseys, shorts and socks. The Player Kits will be used for Outdoor and Indoor.


National and Provincial Teams:

The Club sets a side funds to assist in covering costs. Amount varies depending on number of teams travelling that season.